Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas, used gifts and my side of autism

Cassie Ricco

Let’s start by saying I love Christmas.  I love everything about Christmas.  The music, decorating, the food, but most of all buying the gifts for my loved ones.  I love seeing how happy they get opening their gifts, and seeing, what inside all those shiny boxes.    Now how does autism affect my Christmas shopping you ask?  Well, my son Parker, age 14 has high functioning autism and every single year the child asks for things that I have to buy used and online through eBay or other websites.  No problem right!  Except when the things he wants are from China and the order does not come in until well after Christmas.  I have had to print out pictures of what was coming and wrap them.  This did not always go well.  Can you blame him for having a meltdown when he wants a specific Thomas train and got a piece of paper?  Really Mumma!  I remember one year he wanted a vintage (used) Kermit the frog puppet the one where you put your hand in his mouth and you talk for him.  It was the only thing he talked about for months.  I search months to find that silly frog and every time I found one I would get out bid in the last two seconds.  I kept searching and bidding and finally won one.  I paid for it and went about the rest of my Christmas shopping.  I was so happy I was finished a few days before Christmas.  I wrapped my gifts and waited for the very special day.  It finally came and everyone was so happy except my Parks.  He did not get his Kermit.  I made a bunch of excuses saying it must be lost in the mail.  To my surprise he handled it very well.  I still have no idea what happened to that Kermit.  I am not sure if it came and got misplaced or if it never came.  Flash forward to the present.  I get his list at the end of September so I can make sure I can get everything by Christmas.  I used to feel bad about buying him used gifts for Christmas, but the reality is they do not make what he wants new anymore.  On Christmas morning he is always so super excited to open up his twenty-year-old Pokémon game that I bought used for double the original cost.  However, now I always make sure I check to see if my item was shipped and received.  I would now like to eBay and the internet for making this a possibility.  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.