Thoughts on Halloween…

Oddly enough, I find myself writing this blog right around Halloween!

I’m not really a fan of Halloween — though I do love seeing the Trick or Treaters.

I never was very good at picking costumes… no imagination!

Beth Halloween

Beth’s homemade costume

We have 3 children and my son with autism (now 30 years old ) is my middle child. My oldest daughter adored everything about Halloween. She loved creating her own costumes- the more elaborate, the better! My youngest son loved anything in vogue — McGyver ( the easiest costume we ever put together), to Ninja Turtles — he’s now 28 & yes, they’ve been around that long!

Nick, like his mom, was not a Halloween fan.

He hated anything on his face — so no masks, no face paint…

He didn’t like clothes that were restricted or anything that felt “weird” so costume design had its challenges.

As parents, we’re faced with challenges big & small every day. Balance has always been the key to relieving home stress for us. Around Halloween, the challenge was to make this a time that all our children could enjoy.

Halloween (1)

Beth, “McGyver” Nate, Mummy Nick & Grandma & Grandpa

So we tried to create costumes for Nick that meshed with his daily clothes — one year he was a mummy so he wore comfy sweat pants, a white sweat shirt, a white winter hat & we stuck gauge all over the whole thing! It wasn’t fancy, but it allowed him to participate and feel comfortable.

Trick or treating was limited to grandparents and a few homes in the neighborhood & if Nick wasn’t up to that, then he hung out with his grandparents while we took his brother & sister to a few houses.

Holidays & special days can certainly be bittersweet for parents, especially as they can often times be very stressful for our children on the autism spectrum. But I like to think these occasions bring out our creative side and although we may not celebrate them in traditional ways — we find interesting ways to make it all work.


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