Dear Readers,

I have a social media phobia. I do not have a personal FaceBook account; I do not “tweet” (I don’t even like that word, unless we’re talking about the sound a bird makes) and up to this point – I have not blogged (with the exception of a course I took, and even then, it was under duress and for a grade); nor do I take part in virtual social worlds (although there are days when a virtual world seems more appealing!) My problem with social media is that, while it’s great to share information, I have found that it can be abused. Sometimes people can be cruel and judgmental in a very public way. It’s easy to do this when you can type and not look someone in the eye and say what’s on your mind directly.

So here I am blogging and no course grade is involved. Here’s why…

Lori, our Autism Specialist and Event Coordinator felt that Community Autism Resources should start a blog. She thought it would be another way for us to get connected to our families; another way to exchange information; another way to find out what people are thinking about certain topics. It also meant that someone could do this from the comfort of their home – without having to travel to a meeting. It meant that a parent could write –when they had the chance to write (I tend to do my writing after everyone is asleep and I can finally catch my breath.) All this made perfect sense to me. Since we were starting a blog, I knew I wanted to be the person to introduce it, the thought being – if I can do this, anyone can. I also have to trust that we’ll build a respectful relationship while exchanging ideas.

So welcome to the Community Autism Resources Blog.  Please bear with us as we work to customize our appearance.  Twice a month, a staff member of Community Autism Resources will post a blog on a specific topic. It might be on an upcoming event; it might be thoughts on special education rules and regulations – things helpful for parents preparing for their child’s I.E.P. meeting; it might be comments on the newest research; or our feelings about what happens when our children become adults (my son just turned 30 years old.) We might just share our thoughts about what’s happening in our understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and how this affects our sons and daughters. But the most important piece of all this is hearing from you. We want your thoughts and opinions about the things we blog about. We want the exchange of ideas, knowing that this give and take of information is so important in helping our children and expanding our points of view.

If you have a topic you want us to blog about, please give Lori a call (508-379-0371, ext. 10) or email her at loridecrescenzo@community-autism-resources.com.

We hope you’ll join us here- Happy Blogging!

Barbara Domingue

Executive Director


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